The 22nd Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union

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The 22nd Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union was held from 17 to 31 October 1961. In fourteen days of sessions (22 October was a day off), 4,413 delegates, in addition to delegates from 83 foreign Communist parties, listened toNikita Khrushchev and others review policy issues. It was the congress which officially cemented the Sino-Soviet split, and so the last to be attended by the Chinese Communist Party. The congress elected the 22nd Central Committee.

Speeches, splits and plans

Other than Sino-Soviet disputes, matters discussed at the Congress included accepting the CPSU's Third Program and statute, opening of the Volgograd Hydroelectric Plant, the largest in Europe as of 2007, test of the most powerfulthermonuclear bomb ("Tsar Bomba") in Novaya Zemlya, removing Stalin's remains from the Lenin Mausoleum, renaming of several cities named after Stalin and other stalinist-era politicians, and Khrushchev's declaration and plans to build communism in 20 years.

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    1Yuri AndropovYuri Andropov15.06.191409.02.1984de, en, fr, lt, lv, pl, ru
    2Leonid BrezhnevLeonid Brezhnev19.12.190610.11.1982en, lv, pl, ru
    3Alexei KosyginAlexei Kosygin21.02.190418.12.1980de, en, fr, lt, lv, pl, ru
    4Arvīds PelšeArvīds Pelše07.02.189929.05.1983lv, ru
    5Nikita KhrushchevNikita Khrushchev15.04.189411.09.1971en, lv, pl, ru
    6Jānis KalnbērziņšJānis Kalnbērziņš17.09.189304.02.1986lv, ru
    7Vasily ShulginVasily Shulgin13.01.187815.02.1976en, ru