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About us

In the middle of 2010, in an informal meeting of Mr. Ainars Bruvelis and Mr. Aivars Borovkovs an idea of creating a global virtual culture-historical encyclopaediawww.nekropole.info/en was born- in which any person could record their memories about their ancestors, family members and other close and important people.

Unlike Wikipedia, we decided  not divide people into "prominent" and less important.

We believe that each person deserves to be remembered of.

The website is built in a way so that the following information can be recorded on any person: given name, surname, additional names, including patronymic name, changed surnames and given names, pseudonyms, etc. Upon entering the data on the person, you can also give information on his/her occupation, rank, profession, and nationality.

Each person or event that has been recorded in the encyclopaedia can be marked on the map, including important places, events in the person's life or facts, such as where the person was born, learned, acquired education, lived, worked, etc. You can add photography and video materials to the information on the person. Moreover, the place of birth, death, burial ground, and the exact place of a grave can be also recorded on the website. 

The encyclopaedia not only allows users to create a family tree, but also a social one, i.e. alongside to family members, you can enter also friends, acquaintances, neighbours, colleagues, partners, idols, etc. Due many burial places and cemeteries, especially those which are "uncomfortable" for some new governments dissapear, also information on monuments and cemeteries was decide to collect. 

On 3 March 2011, we made the website public.

At present, on more than 14.0 million pages the website holds data on more than 3.5 million persons. More than 130,000 sites of burial grounds have been added and marked on the maps. 

The website continues to grow and is constantly technically improved. Today, the information can be recorded in 8 languages: English, Russian, German, French, Polish, Latvian, Lithuanian, and Hebrew.

Over the last 2 years, the website has been visited more than 3.5 million times (on average – at least 70,000 hits a week). The citizens of post-Soviet states, for example, with the help of the website can find their relatives, went missing during the mass repressions in the 30ties. The encyclopaedia holds information on the places of battles, death, and tombs of World War II soldiers.

At the moment, more than 4,000 persons have made entries in the encyclopaedia. 

The encyclopaedia is available for everyone, and we encourage each of you to read the memories about your ancestors as well as make entries by yourself. Maybe you will be the only one to make this entry.

You can ask us your questions via e-mail – [email protected].

Let's write history together!


P.S. The website & its services are free of charge.