Jan Hryckowian

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Jan Hryckowian
2. Pasaules kara dalībnieks, Advokāts (-e), Noziedznieks, Represiju organizators, īstenotājs, atbalstītājs, Tiesnesis
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an Hryckowian was born on 15 October 1907, in Latrobe, Pennsylvania.

After moved Poland with family in 1931.

Graduated from the Faculty of Law at the Jagiellonian University.

Two years later, as a professional military began to work in the judiciary sector. Until the outbreak of war worked in Military District Courts in Grodno and Ternopil.

In 1938 was promoted to captain.

During the war he worked in the Poland and organized guerrilla units in Podhale and Miechowski district.

From August 1941 to January 1945 commanded the battalion, which destroyed the German telecommunications facilities in Krakow.

For participation in the action on the German railways was awarded with the Cross of Valour,

His wife, Stanislaus Hryckowian, captain AK, awarded with the Cross of Military Virtue

At the beginning of 1945 he was assigned to the corps of officers, in Justice ministry.

Quickly promoted -

  • in December 1945 he became a major,
  • in June 1946- Lieutenant Colonel (at the time worked in the Supreme Military Court).

In March of 1947. held one of the key positions in the Stalinist system of injustice - became head of the Military District Court No. 1 in Warsaw, the same, in which Joseph Badecki.

In January, 1949. Jan Hryckowian left the military services.

He died in the glory of a prominent lawyer in Warsaw in 1975.

He has never been tried for treason and crimes Stalin

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