Riley Howell

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Riley Howell, one of the victims killed in the UNCC shooting, has been hailed as hero for jumping on the shooter to save the lives of others.

Howell and he was 21 and a North Carolina native

Two of my roommates went to HS with and knew Riley Howell, soon after finding out one of my roommates said "he was the type of guy to put others first and I am willing to bet he tried to jump the gunman" we later read that is exactly what he did.


'Riley was truly a one of a kind guy. He loved all things outdoors, adventure, and especially family. 


'He loved to work outside and when he worked, he did it with his hands and his heart. 


'He always was able to put others before himself and never hesitated to help anyone who needed it. He was friends with anyone and everyone,' they said. 

They went on to list the things he loved, including Star Wars and 'his Lauren'. 

'He was the kind of person who you knew would take care of you the moment you met him and he always did.

'He radiated love and always will. As a friend said, "Beautiful souls like Riley are always with us in the way they made life more beautiful,"' the statement ended.   

Before he was named among the victims, Howell's adoring girlfriend made frantic pleas for information about whether or not he had been harmed through friends who took to social media.  


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