Clark Gable III

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Clark James Gable
Aktieris, Modele, TV seja, diktors
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Clark James Gable (September 20, 1988 – February 22, 2019), also known as Clark Gable III, was an American actor, model, and television presenter.

He was the former television host of the reality show Cheaters.

Gable was the grandson of the actor Clark Gable, son of John Clark Gable and Tracy Yarro, and younger brother of actress Kayley Gable

His stepfather is former Chicago bassist Jason Scheff.


Gable hosted the reality show Cheaters from seasons 13 to 15.

Personal life

Gable was an entrepreneur and businessman. He owned his own boutique men’s fashion and surfing line of clothing and accessories. He was also the president of the online electronics store "".

Gable was arrested in 2011 for shining a laser pointer at a police helicopter in Los Angeles. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to ten days in jail and three years' probation.

In September 2017 Gable’s first child was born. His daughter’s name is Shore Gable.


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