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Rossella Como (29 January 1939 - 20 December 1986) was an Italian actress and television personality.

Life and career

Born in Rome, Como started her career at just 16 years old as a TV presenter, in the RAI show Primo applauso. Shortly later, she made her film debut in a little but critically appreciated role in the Dino Risi's comedy film Poveri ma belli.

From then Como appeared with some frequency both as an actress and as a presenter in films and on television, as well as on stage. In 1973 she was author and main actress of Roma Amor, a successful stage musical where she alternated Roman folk songs to sonnets of Pier Paolo Pasolini and Trilussa and with which she long toured in Italy and Latin America.

Como died of cancer.

Selected filmography

  • Roland the Mighty (1956)
  • Poor, But Handsome (1957)
  • Oh! Sabella (1957)
  • Lazzarella (1957)
  • Seven Hills of Rome (1958)
  • L'amore nasce a Roma (1958)
  • The Magnificent Adventurer (1963)
  • Toto vs. the Four (1963)
  • The Shortest Day (1963)
  • I due toreri (1965)
  • Seven Vengeful Women (1966)
  • The Million Dollar Countdown (1967)
  • How to Kill 400 Duponts (1967)
  • I Married You for Fun (1967)
  • Ragan (1968)
  • It's Your Move (1968)
  • Trastevere (1971)
  • The Best (1976)
  • Vacanze di Natale (1983)
  • Christmas Present (1986)


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