London Borough of Barnet, Golders Green Jewish Cemetery

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Hoop Lane, London Borough of Barnet, London, England, United Kingdom
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The Golders Green Jewish Cemetery, also known as Hoop Lane Jewish Cemetery, is a Jewish cemetery in London. It is maintained by the West London Synagogue.


The cemetery is located on Hoop Lane, in Golders Green in the London Borough of Barnet, across the street from the Golders Green Crematorium.


It was opened in 1895. The cemetery is divided into two parts, the West Side (used by West London Synagogue), where the graves are marked with an upright stone, and the East Side (used by the Spanish & Portuguese Jews' Congregation). The East Side is a traditional Sephardi cemetery (one of the few left in London) and the gravestones are laid horizontally. Just inside the gates is a small building, with two halls for burial services, and a drinking fountain.

Notable burials

East Side
  • Philip Guedalla, English barrister and biographer
West Side
  • Sir Frederic Cowen, British pianist, conductor and composer
  • Julia Goodman, British portrait painter
  • Basil Henriques, Jewish philanthropist
  • Maurice Jacobson, noted Anglo-Jewish pianist and composer
  • Leslie Lord Hore-Belisha, British Liberal politician
  • Gerald Isaacs, 2nd Marquess of Reading, British Conservative politician and barrister
  • Rufus Isaacs, 1st Marquess of Reading, British Liberal politician and barrister, after cremation
  • Arthur Löwenstamm (1882 – 1965), theologian, writer and rabbi in Berlin and in London
  • Sir Philip Magnus, educational reformer
  • Jacqueline du Pré (1945 – 1987), English cellist, who converted to Judaism in 1967
  • Hugo Gryn, rabbi, broadcaster and Auschwitz survivor
  • Jack Rosenthal, English playwright
  • John Simon, British Liberal politician and barrister
  • Werner van der Zyl (1902 – 1984), rabbi in Berlin and in London


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