Dionizy Smoleński

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Dionizy Smoleński
Academician, Nominee, Professor, Rector, WWII participant
Warszawa, Powązki Military Cemetery

Dionizy Smoleński (October 6, 1902 in Łódź - February 8, 1984 in Warsaw) was a specialist in the theory of combustion, explosives, and internal ballistics.

Smoleński was professor at the Wrocław and the Warsaw University of Technology. During 1965 - 1969, he was the vice-chancellor of the Warsaw University of Technology. Smoleński was a member of Polish Academy of Sciences, and held the post of scientific secretary, then vice-chairman of this organization. During the Nazi occupation of Poland, he was an officer of the Home Army, vice-chief of arming of the Supreme Command of the Home Army. He was also a member of Sejm of the Polish People's Republic in years 1957 - 1961 and in again during 1969 - 1972.

In 1961, Wrocław University of Technology conferred Smoleński with its first honorary doctorate.


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