Hanna Maron

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Ханна Марон, Hanna Maron, Hanna Meierzak, Ханна Майерзак
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Hanna Maron (Hebrew: חנה מרון‎; born 22 November 1923 - died 30 May 2014) was an Israeli actress and theater personality.


Hanna Meierzak was born in Berlin, Germany on 23 November 1923. to Polish-born father and mother of Hungarian origin

As a child, she appeared in several plays, films, and radio plays. In 1931 she appeared uncredited in Fritz Lang's M. She attended a Montessori school where she learned French. In 1932, she spent a year in Paris. In 1933, following the Nazi Party's rise to power, she immigrated with her family to Mandate Palestine.

In 1940, she joined Habimah. During World War II, she volunteered for the Auxiliary Territorial Service of the British army, serving two years before joining the Jewish Brigade’s entertainment troupe. In 1945 she joined the Cameri Theater in Tel Aviv. As a member of the repertory committee, she helped shape the company's repertoire, including new works by Israeli dramatists. Early on, she appeared in supporting roles, but after her success as Mika in He Walked in the Fields by Moshe Shamir, she became one of Israel's leading actresses.

She married a fellow actor, Yossi Yadin (Son of the archaeologist Eleazar Sukenik and brother of the Israeli Chief of Staff Yigael Yadin). They were together for six years. Among her better known roles were in Pygmalion, The Glass Menagerie and Hello, Dolly!, as well as several plays by Nathan Alterman.

On 10 February 1970, her El-Al flight to London was hijacked to Munich-Riem Airport by Palestinian militants. Sustaining serious injuries in a grenade attack, her leg had to be amputated, but she resumed her acting career a year later. She remained a peace activist.

She starred in the films Aunt Clara (1977), The Vulture (1981) and Dead End Street (1982). From 1983 to 1986 she starred in the Israeli sitcom Krovim, Krovim ("Near Ones, Dear Ones"). In 2000 she initiated and founded the Herzlia Theater Ensemble. She directed and participated in an evening of Alterman poems, and on an evening of Bertholt Brecht's works. In late 2003, she returned to the Cameri to play in a comedy. In 2004 she starred in a theater event that reenacted an IDF refuseniks' trial.

She was married to architect Yaakov Rechter, with whom she had three children: Amnon, an architect, Ofra, a mathematician and Dafna, an actress.

Maron died in Tel-Aviv, Israel on 30 May 2014.

Awards and honours

  • In 1973, Maron was awarded the Israel Prize in theatre.
  • In 1994, she received an honorary doctorate from Tel Aviv University.
  • In 2007, she received an honorary doctorate from Ben-Gurion University.
  • Ynet dubbed her "The first lady of Israeli theater".
  • She was cited as an inspiration by many Israeli actors, including Yehoram Gaon and Gila Almagor.

In 2005, she was voted the 98th-greatest Israeli of all time, in a poll by the Israeli news website Ynet to determine whom the general public considered the 200 Greatest Israelis.

Source: wikipedia.org

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