Georg Stollenwerk

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Georg Stollenwerk
Coach, Football player, Sportsman
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Georg Stollenwerk (19 December 1930 – 1 May 2014) was a German footballer and trainer.

His career started with SD Düren 99. From 1953 to 1966 he played for 1. FC Köln as defender and midfielder. The member of the German 1958 FIFA World Cup squad won 23 caps and scored two goals.

Stollenwerk began his international career in 1951 playing as an inside right linkman. He proved to be a versatile player, being used in every position, including goalkeeper. During the 1958 FIFA World Cup, Stollenwerk was chosen to replace Fritz Herkenrath in the goal in case he got injured (with no substitutions being allowed).[4] His main position however was that of an inside forward. This changed in 1957, when 1. FC Köln coach Hennes Weisweiler converted Stollenwerk to right back. This proved to be a good career move for him, as he felt at home in that role immediately and played convincingly enough to be called up again for international duty by Sepp Herberger. Previously, as an inside forward, he was only sporadically used by Herberger, however at the right back position Herberger was looking for a fitting successor to Jupp Posipal, who had quit his international career in 1956. By 1958, Stollenwerk had become the standard right back of West Germany, allowing Herbert Erhardt to play as center half instead of full back. Stollenwerk played in every German game at the 1958 FIFA World Cup.

Stollenwerk retired from football in 1962, after winning the German football championship with 1. FC Köln.

Later on he was a trainer for Alemannia Aachen and 1. FC Köln.



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