Gunārs Preinbergs

Gunārs Preinbergs was born 27.08.1931. he was member of cooperative, he was active in social activities , he was related to political organisations in Latviaand participated in different activities in the territory of Latvia until 2009.

According to information from SIA Lursoft, and to publications from mass-media and internet, Gunārs Preinbergs was related to following organisations:

He died at the age of 77 years, in 2009.

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His / her died in Latvia, in Rīga

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        Relation nameRelation typeBirth DateDeath dateDescription

        23.04.1990 | LR Pilsoņu Kongresa vēlēšanas

        1990. gada 8.-23. aprīlī notika LR Pilsoņu Kongresa vēlēšanas, kurās 707 772 iedzīvotāji (678 862 pilsoņi un 28 910 pilsoņu kandidāti) ievēlēja 232 delegātus

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        04.05.1990 | Restoration of Independence of the Republic of Latvia

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