Aleksandrs Čaks

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Aleksandrs Čadarainis
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Aleksandrs Čaks, Čadarainis, Александр Чакс, Чак, , Александр Чадарайнис, Aleksandrs Čadarainis
Medic, Pedagogue, teacher, Poet, WWI participant, Writer
Rīgas Raiņa kapi

Aleksandrs Čaks (October 27, 1901 – February 8, 1950), born Aleksandrs Čadarainis, was a Latvian poet and writer. Čaks is arguably the first Latvian writer whose works are distinctly urban, compared to usual depictions of country life or small villages in earlier Latvian literature.

He was born in Riga to a tailor's family, and, continuing to live in Riga, he followed the city's life in his poetry. Čaks published his first poetry book, Seši, in 1928, dedicated to Riga and its life. These poems included topics and characters previously not shown in Latvian poetry - the city night life, homeless people, prostitutes, poor suburbs, even the sewers in blockhouses. In his works, Čaks shows his deep love for Riga as it is, which is well seen in the title of a poem, "Heart on the pavement". Riga is not the only subject of his poems, though - Čaks has also written romantic poetry and works dedicated to the Latvian riflemen. Čaks also wrote some short stories, although they are generally not as well known as his poems.

In 1949, with Latvia being a part of the Soviet Union, Čaks was accused of straying from Marxist values and writing politically incorrect works. The accusations weakened Čaks's health, and he died of heart disease on February 8, 1950. Currently, one of the central streets of Riga is named for him. There's also a memorial museum in that street and a statue in nearby Ziedoņdārzs Park.


From the collection of the Library of Congress, Washington, DC:

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        Jānis ČadarainisFather
        2Anita BērziņaAnita BērziņaWife00.00.191100.00.1999
        3Milda GrīnfeldeMilda GrīnfeldeCivil wife04.10.190928.09.2000

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