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Cemetery: Kocadere, This Martyrdom Builded For Memorys Of Çanakkale War (1st World War) Martyrs Who Died Until Last Soldier. All 57. Alay Soldiers Is Died Here And Now, On The Turkish Military Forces Haven't 57. Alay, F

Maurice Lewis Aarons08.08.1915en, lv, ru
Harold Claude Abbey19.05.1915en, lv, ru
James Ellaby Abbott00.00.189727.08.1915en, lv, ru
William Warrener Abbott00.00.188204.05.1915en, lv, ru
Harold Henry Abbott29.11.1915en, lv, ru
Arthur Edward Abel00.00.189109.05.1915en, lv, ru
Norman Edward Aberdeen25.04.1915en, lv, ru
Charles Milne Abernethy01.05.1915en, lv, ru
Arthur Abernethy00.00.189002.05.1915en, lv, ru
Walter Ackman13.08.1915en, lv, ru
Charles Robert Adam00.00.188105.05.1915en, lv, ru
John Adam12.05.1915en, lv, ru
Arthur John Adams25.04.1915en, lv, ru
Edgar Robert C. Adams25.04.1915en, lv, ru
John Albert Adams27.04.1915en, lv, ru
John Henry Adams08.08.1915en, lv, ru
Sidney James Adams08.08.1915en, lv, ru
Thomas Francis Adams00.00.188425.04.1915en, lv, ru
William Thomas Adams00.00.189525.04.1915en, lv, ru
Frank Forrester Adamson00.00.189201.05.1915en, lv, ru

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