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Person with the nationality: belarusian

Bonifacij Abramovich00.00.1895en, lv, ru
Kazimir Abramovich00.00.1907en, lv, ru
Aleksandra Abramovich00.00.1915en, lv, ru
Iosif Abramovich00.00.1900en, lv, ru
Evgenija Abramovich00.00.1902en, lv, ru
Ivan Abramovich00.00.1898en, lv, ru
Vjacheslav Abramovich00.00.191117.02.1938en, lv, ru
Ivan Abramovich00.00.1873en, lv, ru
Iosif Abramovich00.00.188410.04.1942en, lv, ru
Bronislav Abramovich00.00.1869en, lv, ru
Boleslav Abramovich00.00.1870en, lv, ru
Vitalij Abramovich00.00.1891en, lv, ru
Zotik Abramovich00.00.1886en, lv, ru
Stanislav Abramovich00.00.1884en, lv, ru
Polikarp Abramovich00.00.1893en, lv, ru
Sergej AbramovichSergej Abramovich00.00.189315.09.1938en, lv, ru
Adam Abramovich00.00.189328.03.1938en, lv, ru
Aleksandr Abramovich00.00.1888en, lv, ru
Aleksandr Abramovich00.00.190924.01.1938en, lv, ru
Anna Abramovich00.00.1907en, lv, ru

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