Luhansk Oblast: mayor kidnapped, Russian tanks enter, terrorists shoot at working miners

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According to ATO speaker Vladyslav Seleznyov, separatist militants are destroying the mine near the village of Kurakhovo using “Grad” systems. Presumably, the personnel of the mine are still on site.

“They are trying to discredit the ATO forces,” – Seleznyov said. Also he added, that Ukrainian army continues to block the separatist forces near Donetsk and establish new blockposts.

“In other directions ATO forces are actively engaging the enemy. National Guard finished checking Siversk and other towns around Luhansk and now are in full control of them,” – said Seleznyov.

At the same time, activist from Luhansk, Dmytro Snegiryov, informed us that over the last 24 hours the Russian border was breached twice, when two columns of heavy armoured vehicles crossed the border from Russia, flying Russian colours. According to 0642 news, first column entered Ukraine at 4.00 am and the second entered at 11.00 am.

13 июля по Луганску катаются два танка

“Nobody is trying to hide any more, the tanks have Russian flags above them. There are also novel models among them, including T-90. Some vehicles headed to Sukhodils’k, Sverdlovs’k and Izvaryne, some to Luhansk. First column crossed the border at 4.00 in the morning, and it took them almost one and a half hour to enter,” – Snegiryov said.


Also, he added that ATO forces crushed two LNR taskforces near Krasnodon in Luhansk Oblast last night. “The LNR losses are overwhelming, two commanders were killed – “Osman” and “Bashkov”. Ukrainian army continues to press on to Luhansk through Sukhodilsk,” – he said.


Iryna Verygyna, mayor of Luhansk, told us that the terrorists kidnapped mayor of Popasna town, Yuri Onyshchenko.


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