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Twentynine Palms is a 2003 film directed by Bruno Dumont.

Directed by Bruno Dumont

Produced by Rachid Bouchareb

Written by Bruno Dumont


Yekaterina Golubeva
David Wissak

Cinematography - Georges Lechaptois

Edited by - Dominique Petrot

Release date - 17 September 2003

Running time - 119 minutes

Country - France, Germany, United States 

Language -  French, English, Russian


With a Russian woman called Katia, a young American photographer called David drives a Hummer from Los Angeles to a motel in the little desert town of Twentynine Palms. As she hardly speaks English and he speaks no Russian, they talk in French, a language in which neither is confident. Much of their communication is therefore non-verbal and the two frequently misunderstand each other. Their days are spent driving and walking around the empty desert, sometimes naked.

They make love, they fight, or just pass time. The camera contrasts the vastness, timelessness and emptiness of the landscape with the two small humans. Yet, as well as natural beauty, the desert contains menace. Stopped by a pick-up full of rednecks, David is beaten and raped while Katia is stripped and forced to watch. Back at the motel after their ordeal, David cuts off his hair before stabbing Katia to death. The police find the Hummer in the desert with his corpse beside it.


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