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Andrychów, municipal cemetery (pl)en, pl0
Banie, municipal cemetery (pl)en, pl0
Banie Mazurskie, Municipal cemetery (pl)Banie Mazurskie, Municipal cemetery (pl)en, pl2
Barlibek, municipal cemetery (pl)en, pl0
Bartoszyce, New Municipal Cemetery (pl)en, pl2
Bartoszyce, municipal cemetery (pl)en, pl0
Bełchatów, municipal cemetery (pl)en, pl1
Bełczna (gm. Łobez), municipal cemetery (pl)en, pl282
Biłgoraj, Municipal cemetery Batorego (pl)en, pl158
Bialogard, Municipal cemetery (pl)en, pl0
Biała (gm. Biały Bór), Municipal cemetery (pl)Biała (gm. Biały Bór), Municipal cemetery (pl)en, pl0
Bielsko-Biała, Leszczyny Municipal Cemetery (pl)en, pl0
Biała Podlaska, Municipal cemetery (pl)en, pl2
Biała Piska, Municipal cemetery (pl)en, pl0
Bielsko-Biała, Municipal cemetery "Kamienica"00.00.1978en, pl14022
Białe Błota, municipal cemetery (pl)Białe Błota, municipal cemetery (pl)en, pl1
Białogard, Municipal Cemetery Fabryczna (pl)en, pl1
Białystok, Municipal Cemetery (pl)Białystok, Municipal Cemetery (pl)en, pl17312
Białystok, Municipal Cemetery Karakule (pl)en, pl1258
Binarowa (gm. Biecz), Municipal cemetery (pl)en, pl0

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