Ziad Abu Ein

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Ziads Abu Eins, Ziad Abu Ein
Member of the Government, Minister, Statesman, Victim of Israeli–Palestinian conflict 2014
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enior Palestinian official died en route to a Ramallah hospital Wednesday after he was struck in the chest by an IDF soldier, Palestinian reports said. The IDF said it was looking into the incident.

Ziad Abu Ein, who headed the PA government agency that fights against the security barrier and settlements, was involved in a scuffle with Israeli troops near Turmusaya, south of the Shiloh settlement in the northern West Bank, during which he inhaled tear gas and was hit by a soldier’s rifle butt, Palestinian witnesses said. An Israeli witness, meanwhile, said that Abu Ein was not hit by a rifle butt.

Abu Ein, 55, collapsed at the site and was evacuated by ambulance, but he died before he reached the hospital.

Source: delfi.lv, bbc.co.uk

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