Vladislavs Vilis Stambrovskis

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William Grant - he changed his name (officially) by Deed Poll in May 1985
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Always known as Vilis; Born in Latvia, Riga - Maskavas Iela/Maskauer Vorstadt (Moscow District); died Birmingham UK; cremated/ashes scattered Robin Hood Cemetary, Shirley, Birmingham, UK; married Joanna Davies in Culmington, Ludlow, Shropshire, UK, Nov 1962; two children, me (Karen Elizabeth) born 27.08.1964, my sister Hetta Tekla born 09.12.1967, both of us born in the Sorrento Maternity Hospital, Moseley, Birmingham, UK. His parents Anton(s) and Tekla; Anton(s) - probably his middle name/the name he was known by - Russian-speaking/background, Tekla ?Gadins, Latvian from near Daugavpils. Vilis had one sister, Anna, born around 1920, married a Strazdins in Riga, son Eduards born 1940/41. Vilis' Latvian best friends in 1950s/1960s in Birmingham were Oskars Klaviers and Egons Murnieks, both listed on Timenote/Nekropole database, who both later lived in Henley-in-Arden, Warwickshire, UK with their English wives Pauline and Sylvia respectively. Vilis and Joanna Davies first lived in Moseley, then Hollywood (an outer suburb of Birmingham) and finally Solihull, early 60s to late 70s. After my parents' divorce, Vilis lived in Tyseley, Birmingham for a couple of years, then he found a place/a second place in Shard End, an outer suburb East of Birmingham, and lived there from late 70s for the rest of his life. There are brief entries for Vilis, Oskars and Egons on Ancestry UK for any remaining family and friends who are looking for information; and if anyone on here has any information about my father's family, friends, and his boyhood life in Riga between 1927 and 1945, please contact me at [email protected].

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