Tamara Zitcere

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Tamāra Zitcere, Тамара Зитцере
Rīgas 1. un 2. Meža kapi
Cimetière de la Forêt (Riga)

Tamara Zitcere (December 1947 - July 2014) was a geneticist, former teacher and volunteer researcher.

In 2000, Tamara commenced an unique volunteer research work, she was inspired by the memorial of two children (at New Jewish Cemetry) who died during the Holocaust in 1942. 

She did a fundamental research about Rigas ghetto and  Holocaust in Latvia. She looked through more than 5500 death certificates and obtained evidence about the destiny of 680 Holocaust victims and submitted them to the Yad Vashem National Memorial to Heroes and Victims of the Holocaust in Jerusalem. 

In continuing her research, Tamara looked through more than 3 887 house books/registers (dated 1941) from 245 Rigas streets, as well as 68 ghetto house books/registers, which have been preserved. She obtained data which had been unknown up till now about the destinies of Jews in Riga during the period of German occupation.

Every year, Tamara dedicated her time in order to work voluntary at the New Jewish Cemetery, she was organizing the forgotten graves cleanups and she also donated her own money in order to restore some of the old and forgotten graves in the New Jewish Cemetery.

Documentary (wach in the minute 25:15): 

Antra Gaile (Riga, Latvia)

Her story: 

TAMARA ZITCERE discusses her research into the Holocaust in Riga, Lativa

List of Riga ghetto imprisoners (source: house registers of Riga ghetto; lists were made by Tamara Zitcere): http://www.rgm.lv/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/Rigas-geto-maju-gramatas.pdf


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