Shuba Jaya

Shuba Jaya, 38, Malaysian television and theatre actress.

Malaysian TV and theatre actress Shuba Jaya and her Dutch husband were returning to Kuala Lumpur after showing off their baby daughter to the grandparents in the Netherlands when tragedy struck. -

The family were on board Malaysia Airlines flight MH17, which was shot down by a missile in the Ukraine while travelling to Kuala Lumpur from Amsterdam.

The Star reported that Shuba, who had a career in dance, theatre, TV and film, had celebrated her 38th birthday just two days before the crash.

She had acted in local TV shows such as Spanar Jaya, Gadis 3 and Sugumana Sumaigal and performed on the stage in Fourplay, Charley’s Auntie and Hungry for Hope.

Her movie credits included Relationship Status and Tokak, Duit Kecil and she was part of the 15 Malaysia project.

Writer, director and actor Khairil M. Bahar, 34, told The Star that Shuba was in showbusiness because of her passion.

"She was never in it for the fame, but always had raw passion for acting and channelled it well on stage. She was an admirable person and had a lot of plans for her career.

“It is extremely difficult to speak of her in the past tense now," an emotional Khairil was quoted as saying.

He had cast Shuba in Social Networking, a stage play in which the latter was cast as a student obsessed with the Internet.

Four years ago, Shuba and her father, Jayaretnam, were part of a reality show Mari Menari on Astro Ria.

That same year, in 2010, Shuba married Paul Goes, who was a director of a Dutch-based company.

The family, including baby Kaela, who was to turn two soon, was featured in a home birthing story in the daily in March.

They had gone to the Netherlands so that Goes’s parents could meet their granddaughter.

Friends, who were shocked by the family's fate, turned to social networking site Facebook to express their grief.

According to The Star, a close friend, known as Siva wrote on Facebook: “You were too young to go... you were so happy in your marriage... so many dreams and things to accomplish... and you had your beautiful child to look forward to painting smiles and sunshine every day.

“You just celebrated your birthday on July 15. Kaela’s 2nd birthday is around the corner. And now all 3 of you are gone.

“We miss you dearly Shuba Jaya, Paul and Kaela.”

Actor and director Baki Zainal also posted on Facebook: “Shuba Jaya, Paul n baby Kaela ... May you sleep peacefully among the clouds... You are a ball of positive energy full of light Shuba.” – July 19, 2014.

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        Relation nameRelation typeBirth DateDeath dateDescription
        1Kaela GoesKaela GoesDaughter00.00.201217.07.2014
        2Paul  GoesPaul GoesHusband17.07.2014

        17.07.2014 | Malaysian Boeing 777 MH17 shot down

        According to Doneck terrorist leader Girkin (Strelkov) tweets, plane was hit down by his men. As it was announced before on 29/6/2014 terrorists occupied Ukrainian air defence unit near Ukraine border and have anti-air systems, including BUK (SA-11 Gadfly). Rocket was launched from cossacks' ataman Kozytsin positions. According to some experts, Russian aircraft with Russian tourists was expected to be shot down, to back further wide-scale Russian invasion in Ukraine after Crimea and East Ukraine

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