Sean Edwards

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Sean Lawrence Guy Edwards
Race Driver
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Sean Lawrence Guy Edwards (6 December 1986 – 15 October 2013) was an English professional racing driver who drove for Team Allyouneed by Project 1 in the 2013 Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup season and selected starts in the American Le Mans Series with MOMO NGT Motorsport.

Personal life

Edwards was born in London on 6 December 1986, the son of racing driver Guy Edwards. He started racing at the age of eleven taking part in karting competitions. Aside from his real racing, he was one of the first professional racing drivers to embrace Sim racing as a means of development and training. In 2012, He assisted with the racing scenes in Ron Howard's film Rush, about the battle between James Hunt and Niki Lauda in the 1976 Formula One season, he portrayed his father (who was among the drivers who pulled Lauda from the burning wreckage of his formula one racing car during the 1976 German Grand Prix), in several scenes.



On 15 October 2013, Edwards, aged 26, was killed in a car crash during a private track session whilst travelling as a passenger at Queensland Raceway in Willowbank, Queensland, Australia.





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