Ryszard Bender

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Ryszard Bender
Historian, Nominee, Politician, Professor, Senator
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Ryszard Janusz Bender (February 16, 1932 – February 24, 2016) was a Polish politician and historian, a specialist on the history of the January Uprising.

He was professor of History at John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin.

In 1976–1980 and 1985–1989, he was a deputy of the Sejm. In 1991–1993 and 2005–2007, he was a senator. In 2007, he was elected from the list of the Law and Justice party. Bender was accused of antisemitism and Holocaust denial after he said that Auschwitz was "not a death camp" but a "labour camp". He later said his remarks were taken out of context. He has also spoken out in defense of Dariusz Ratajczak.


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        04.06.1989 | Polish legislative election 1989

        The Polish legislative election of 1989 was the tenth election to the Sejm, the parliament of the Polish People's Republic, and the first election to the recreated Senate of Poland. The first round took place on 4 June, right after the 1989 June 4th Beijing Tiananmen Square massacre in China, with a second round on 18 June. It was the closest thing to a free election in the country since 1928, and the first since the Communist Polish United Workers Party abandoned its monopoly of power in April.

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