Russell Bentley

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Russell Bonner Bentley III
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Рассел Бентли, "Техас"
KIA of Russian invasion in Ukraine war 2014-24, Military person, opponent of integrity of Ukraine
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Russell Bentley full name Russell Bonner Bentley III (Russian: Рассел Бентли) (born 1960), also known as "Texas", is an American man who served in Vostok Battalion and XAH Spetsnaz Battalion in 2014, 2015 and 2017 on the side of the pro-Russian Donetsk People's Republic in occupied Ukraine.

He was a YouTuber until his channel was deleted in early 2022. In the United States, he was convicted of drug smuggling and spent 5 years in prison.

Bentley, a self-declared communist, came to global attention in 2022, with a series of statements, and videos, about his intention to "liberate Ukraine from nazis". By July 2016, he had been baptized into the Russian Orthodox Church.

Personal journey and motivations

Initially working as a lumberjack, Bentley left his life in the US, including a relationship with a yoga instructor, to join pro-Russian forces in Donetsk in Ukraine, motivated by a desire to combat Ukrainian forces.

Crowdfunding activities

Bentley, a US army veteran, utilized crowdfunding platforms to finance his involvement in the Ukraine conflict.

Military and political stance

Bentley decided to fight for the Donetsk People's Republic after being moved by the actions of Ukrainian forces. He expressed a strong commitment to what he perceives as a "battle against fascism", driven by the desire to take a stand against what he saw as "injustices in Ukraine". The Independent wrote that his involvement highlights the complex motivations behind foreign participation in the conflict.

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