Hillside Memorial Park Cemetery

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6067-6071 W Centinela Ave, Culver City, CA 90230, USA
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United States
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The Hillside Memorial Park and Mortuary is a Jewish cemetery located at 6001 West Centinela Avenue, in Culver City, California, USA. Many Jewish people from the entertainment industry are buried here.

Notable interments

  • Irving Aaronson, composer
  • Russ Alben, advertising executive and composer
  • Corey Allen, actor, director, producer and screenwriter
  • Sheldon Allman, actor, singer and songwriter
  • Army Archerd, journalist and television host
  • Frank Bank, Leave It To Beaver actor and later bond broker
  • Sandy Baron, actor and comedian
  • Gene Barry, actor
  • Jack Benny, actor and comedian
  • Henry Bergman, actor
  • Milton Berle, actor and comedian
  • Pandro S. Berman, producer and former head of RKO Radio Pictures
  • Helen Beverley, actress
  • Michael Bloomfield, musician
  • Ben Blue, actor and comedian
  • Neil Bogart, founder of Casablanca Records
  • Sorrell Booke, actor
  • Irving Brecher, screenwriter, producer, director
  • Bernie Brillstein, producer and talent agent
  • Richard Brooks, director
  • Marion Byron, actress
  • Susan Cabot, actress
  • Eddie Cantor, actor, comedian, and singer
  • Nell Carter, actress and singer
  • Jeff Chandler, actor
  • Cyd Charisse, actress and dancer
  • Ronni Chasen, publicist
  • Mickey Cohen, mobster
  • Danny Dayton, actor
  • Selma Diamond, actress and comedienne
  • Julius J. Epstein, screenwriter
  • Philip G. Epstein, screenwriter
  • Max Factor, Sr., cosmetics magnate
  • Max Factor, Jr., cosmetics businessman
  • Percy Faith, musician
  • Edith Flagg, fashion designer and businesswoman.
  • Arthur Freed, producer and songwriter
  • Friz Freleng, animator
  • Mary Leona Gage, beauty queen
  • L. Wolfe Gilbert, composer (original interment site)
  • Sid Gillman, Hall of Fame football coach
  • William Goetz, producer and former head of Universal Studios
  • Adam Goldstein (aka DJ AM), DJ
  • Jerry Goldsmith, composer
  • Mark Goodson, producer
  • Eydie Gormé, singer
  • Carl Greenberg, newspaper reporter and editor (Los Angeles Examiner, Los Angeles Times)
  • Hank Greenberg, MLB Hall of Famer
  • Lorne Greene, actor
  • Elliot Handler, businessman
  • Ruth Handler, business executive who invented the Barbie doll
  • Lou Holtz, actor and comedian
  • Moe Howard, actor, comedian, and member of the Three Stooges (1897–1975)
  • Sally Insul, actress
  • Arthur P. Jacobs, film producer, Planet of the Apes series, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
  • David Janssen, actor
  • George Jessel, actor and comedian
  • Al Jolson, actor and singer
  • Mickey Katz, comedy bandleader, father of Joel Grey
  • Sam Katzman, producer and director
  • Sammi Kane Kraft, actress and musician
  • Philip N. Krasne, producer of the later Charlie Chan films and the Cisco Kid television series
  • Paul Kohner, producer
  • Sidney Korshak, labor lawyer and Chicago "fixer"
  • Ely Landau, producer
  • Mark Landon, musician, actor
  • Michael Landon, actor
  • Abe Lastfogel, Chairman, William Morris talent agency
  • Sheldon Leonard, actor and producer
  • Jules Levy, producer
  • Mary Livingstone, actress and comedienne
  • Abby Mann, screenwriter
  • Hal March, actor and comedian
  • Tony Martin, actor and singer
  • Howard Morris, actor and comedian
  • Vic Morrow, actor
  • Jan Murray, actor and comedian
  • Leonard Nimoy, actor
  • Shelly Novack, actor
  • Louis Nye, actor and comedian
  • Joe Pasternak, producer
  • Julia Phillips, author and producer
  • Suzanne Pleshette, actress
  • Tom Poston, actor (was not Jewish, but was married to Suzanne Pleshette at the time of his death)
  • Deborah Raffin, actress and audiobook publisher
  • Paul Richards, actor
  • Leo Robin, composer
  • Stanley Ralph Ross, writer, actor
  • Benny Rubin, actor
  • Jerry Rubin, Yippie turned businessman, member of the Chicago Seven
  • Billy Sands, actor
  • Sherwood Schwartz, producer
  • Irene Mayer Selznick, theatrical producer
  • Freddie Sessler, entrepreneur
  • Julius Shulman, architect
  • Dick Shawn, actor and comedian
  • Allan Sherman, actor, comedian, and singer
  • Robert B. Sherman, songwriter
  • Dinah Shore, singer, actress and television host (partial cremated remains)
  • George Sidney, director and producer
  • Aaron Spelling, producer
  • Peter Tomarken, television host
  • Irving Wallace, author
  • Sol M. Wurtzel, film producer
  • Lew Wasserman, agent, studio executive
  • Shelley Winters, actress
  • Stan Winston, makeup artist
  • Dennis Wolfberg, actor and comedian
  • Sam Zimbalist, film editor

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