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EunB, Hangul: 고은비 ; Hanja: 高恩妃
Actor, Model, Singer
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Go Eun-bi (Hangul: 고은비 ; Hanja: 高恩妃; November 11, 1992 – September 3, 2014), better known by her stage name EunB, was a South Korean singer.

She was a member of the South Korean girl group Ladies' Code as the sub-vocalist under Polaris Entertainment.


Eun-bi graduated from Hanlim Multi Art School, a high school in South Korea where many teen Korean idols attend.[1] Prior to her debut, she was known for being related to SBS anchor, Kim Sung-joon. Polaris Entertainment confirmed that Eun-bi and Kim Sung-joon are in-laws.

Debut with Ladies' Code On February 27, 2013, the teaser for Eun-bi was released on Polaris Entertainment's official YouTube account before Ladies' Code's debut on March 7, 2013. The group debuted with mini-album, Code#01 Bad Girl, and performed on M! Countdown on the same day. Death

On September 3, 2014, the members of Ladies' Code were involved in a car accident. Their van ran into a protective wall in the vicinity of the Singal Junction on the Yeongdong Expressway Eun-bi died from the injuries she sustained in the accident, while unconfirmed reports state that the driver also died from their injuries. RiSe and Sojung sustained major injuries, with RiSe remaining in critical condition. Ashley, Zuny, and two stylists that were also involved in the accident sustained minor injuries. 

Polaris Entertainment stated in an official statement that the group were returning to Seoul from a schedule in Daegu, and at 1:30AM (KST) around Suwon, "the back tire of the van falling out and rainy conditions which caused the slippery roads" caused the van that they boarded on to skid several times and crash into a protective wall.


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