Arturs Sproģis

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Arturs Sproģis, Артур Карлович Спрогис
Colonel, KGB, Repression organizer, supporter, Scout, spy, WWI participant, WWII participant
Rīgas Raiņa kapi

Arturs Sproģis (6 March 1904 – 2 October 1980; Russian: Артур Карлович Спрогис) was a Latvian colonel and commander of the Soviet partisans during the occupation of Latvia by Nazi Germany in World War II.

Early life and career

Sproģis was born in Riga in 1904. In 1919 he voluntarily joined the Latvian Red Riflemen in defence of the short-lived Latvian Socialist Soviet Republic. At the same time he also joined the Komsomol. In 1920, he was sent to Komosomol courses in Moscow, after which he continued his military service in the Red Army fighting against the White forces of General Wrangel. Subsequently, he attended military academy, finishing in 1922. Thereafter he served in the border guards until 1928, when he was sent to the OGPU Border Guards School in Moscow for further training. Following these courses, he was assigned to the Special Section (Counterintelligence) of the Byelorussian SSR NKVD, where he served until 1936. He then was sent on a special mission in the Spanish Civil War. After returning from Spain in 1937, he began courses at the Red Army's Frunze Military Academy, completing his studies in 1941.

Soviet partisan

With the start of Operation Barbarossa, Sproģis was involved in organising anti-German partisan resistance in Belarus and Latvia. From its formation in 1943 until 1944, Sproģis served as the Chief of Staff of the Latvian resistance movement.

Later career

Later, he was appointed to the special group of activists from the Communist Party of Latvia, whose job it was to re-establish the functioning of the Latvian SSR after the Germans had been driven out of the country.

From 1944, he resided in Riga.

Sproģis was awarded the Order of the Red Banner four times, as well as the Order of Lenin.


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        Relation nameRelation typeBirth DateDeath dateDescription
        Karlīna SproģeMother26.08.188100.00.1966
        2Елизавета ПаршинаЕлизавета ПаршинаWife, Coworker, Soldier00.00.191300.00.2002

        Jānis ŠmitsGrandfather02.04.183206.05.1904
        Marija ŠmiteGrandmother29.10.184202.08.1914
        Jēkabs ŠmitsGreat grandfather00.00.180400.00.1865
        Liene ŠmiteGreat grandmother00.00.180500.00.1845