Andrejs Burvis

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Andrejs Burvis was born 03.11.1970. he was active in business in the territory of Latvia.

According to information from SIA Lursoft, and to publications from mass-media and internet, Andrejs Burvis was related to following organisations:

Andrejs Burvis died at the age of 43, in 2013.

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        21.11.2013 | Riga Maxima superstore collapse. 54 found dead

        [not finished article] A roof of a Maxima super store labeled XX located in Zolitūde Priedaines street 20 collapsed at aproximetley 18:00. Because of the sound at the moment of the collapse, media reported that a suspected boiler explosion may have caused the collapsed, but it was quickly ruled out. At least 52 people died and another 38 were wounded in the disaster (up to 08:50 local time, 23/11/2013)

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        26.11.2013 | List of found dead in supermarket Maxima roof collapse, Riga, Latvia

        Up to 24.11.2013 19:00 (local time) Police Department of Latvia confirmed deaths of following persons:

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